Fireworks Booth

The Galt Ag Boosters partners with TNT Fireworks to run a fireworks sales booth during the safe and sane fireworks sales period. There are packages and individual fireworks to suit any budget!

We are open each year on January 28th through July 4th. Our booth is located at 10225 Twin Cities Rd in Galt (the west side of 99 right by the round-about in the Solar Company’s parking lot (previously SoftCom).

This booth was previously run by the Strong as Steele organization. When Strong as Steele decided to narrow their event focus, we were honored that they chose to ask the Galt Ag Boosters to assume responsibility for the booth due to the love Taylor Steele had for her FFA family. Galt Ag Boosters could then use the booth to raise funds in support of a program Taylor loved and thus honor her memory. Thank-you Strong as Steele for trusting the Galt Ag Boosters to carry on with the booth…we will do our best to make Taylor proud!