We are going to be busy this week at the fireworks booth and we still need volunteers

We have had great volunteer turnout so far for year for the fireworks booth. There are still some open shifts, however, that we desperately need to fill.

1. Monday, June 29 – Need 2 volunteers to fill the 2 to 4 PM shift.
2. Thursday, July 2nd – Two shifts are light and need another volunteer
3. Friday, July 3rd – Several shifts are light and need additional volunteers
4. Saturday, July 4th – Several shifts are light and need additional volunteers  

If today is any indication, we are going to have a very busy week, especially on Friday and Saturday. If you can help fill in for any of these slots, please click on the volunteer signup site and put yourself down…that way I can relax and stop stressing about covering these busy times 🙂


Thank you,

Cindy Sweat
Fireworks Booth Chair
Galt Ag Boosters

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