2021-2022 Officers

Thank-you to our 2020-2021 officers for your service!

President – Amy Erman, Erman.amy@gmail.com
Vice President, Galt High Rep – Kristin Balukoff, Kbalukoff@ghsd.k12.ca.us
Vice President, Liberty Ranch High Rep – Patty Parker, parkerpatty6@gmail.com
Secretary – Tammy Partridge, wntpartridge@gmail.com
Treasurer – Karrin Blevins, JKWBLEVINS@gmail.com
Public Relations – Karen Frazier, karenfrazier@gmail.com
Farm to Fork Chair – Julie Myers, julieannmyers81@yahoo.com
Scholarship Committee Chair – Ora VanSteyn, oramarie@yahoo.com
Fireworks Committee Co-Chair – Cindy Sweat, cindyallyn2@gmail.com
Fireworks Committee Co-Chair – Jill Sperling, Jillsperling@hotmail.com

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